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Ready made frame

Selection AND Savings

Our ready made frames will save you time and money on your next framing project. We take care to save any extra lengths of mouldings we might have. Then we cut them down to standard sizes and pass the savings down to you! Come in and browse our large selection of ready-made frames. There are many styles and and standard sizes for you to choose from. If you don’t find exactly what you want, you can have one custom built for you.


Pricing for our ready made frames depends on the size, and the moulding. See our pricing chart on the right to find out how much the frame you want will cost.

We group our mouldings into 6 ‘grades’, A through F.

Our ‘A’ mouldings make a quality frame and are most affordable, and our ‘F’ grade mouldings are some of the finest, ornate mouldings available on the market.

Size (Inches) A B C D E F
8″x10″, 8.5″x11″, 9″x12″ $15 $17 $29 $36 $50 $96
11″x14″, 12″x16″ $22 $25 $38 $54 $68 $99
16″x20″ $26 $31 $48 $68 $86 $113
18″x24″, 20″x24″ $31 $40 $61 $87 $110 $136
24″x36″ $43 $50 $81 $110 $144 $175
30″x40″ $53 $64 $98 $118 $175 $220
36″x48″ $68 $81 $124 $148 $225 $273
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